Howsons Ltd is an approved member of the Security System and Alarm Inspection Board (SSAIB). Recognised by insurers, SSAIB is accredited to operate by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS)

We are proud to offer a full range of Security Systems, Access Control and CCTV products for both domestic and commercial properties.

1. Security Systems

We provide a wide range of Burglar and Intruder alarm systems which can be linked to a 24 hour monitoring system to give you complete peace of mind with full control plus security gates, accessories and control systems.

2. Access Control Systems including the supply, installation and maintenance of:

Automatic and Manual Barriers

Providing an excellent combination of visual and physical deterrent, Automatic Barrier Systems enable you to control complete access to your site with options including; Time restricted vehicle access and Vehicle Number Plate Recognition (VNPR). Not only do they increase customer confidence & safety, they are reliable, secure, fast, Insurance Approved and relatively low in cost compared with other methods.

Sliding Gates and Hinged Gates

Hinged gate systems offer a more stylish and often less obtrusive solution than security sliding gates. Both new and existing gates can be fully automated with remote control access to provide a fantastic solution. Concealed or gate mounted solutions allow automation of almost every type of gate.

Sliding Security Gates are a heavy duty design for more security-conscious applications. Smooth, reliable and easy to use, the gate can be controlled by a wide range of access control systems including proximity card, push button, keypad, token and radio control. These combined with induction loop or photocell safety and close facilities, make these gates the one to choose on high risk and security conscious sites. Other features of a Sliding Security Gate include a manual operation override facility in case of power failure and a safety edge system, to prevent the gate closing on pedestrians or vehicles.

Automatic & Manual Bollards

Bollards provide a flexible alternative to more traditional vehicle access control systems, and are often favoured due to their aesthetic qualities where looks and style are important. When fully retracted, automatic bollards are almost invisible to the untrained eye and are popular with domestic installations such as gated communities, town centres, high profile office complexes, and sites of special interest. Bollards can be used individually to provide security or boundary control, or they can be incorporated into an integrated electronic access control system, including keypads, swipe cards and intercom systems. Rising bollards can lay flush to the ground and rise up to prevent access when required. Benefits:

  • Cost. Automatic bollards are an extremely cost effective method to manage traffic flow.
  • Flexibility. Rise and Fall bollards offer flexibility with a range of access control options applicable.
  • Durability. Bollards are vandal proof and durable.
  • Maintenance. Rise and Fall bollards are low maintenance.
  • Environment. Bollards are low impact and suitable for areas that are architecturally sensitive.

Road Blockers

Where maximum security is essential, a heavy duty Road blocker is the ultimate security product, as it provides an effective solution which surpasses the benefits of static bollards or conventional vehicle arm barriers. Security Road blockers, also known as rising kerbs and barricades, provide the ultimate in high security and anti-ram vehicle protection. As the name implies, the substantial solid metal frame of the blocker 'rises' out of the ground to provide a formidable barrier against vehicle attack and ram raid situations. By their very nature, road blockers are not usually a low cost option, but are intended for applications were very high security is required, and where it is imperative to stop an unauthorised vehicle from crashing through the defences.

Full and Half Height Turnstiles

An extensive range of both half height and full height, internal or external, high throughput or high security turnstiles are available. Once we understand your exact requirements, we can match the most appropriate and effective solution for your needs.

Access Control Service & Maintenance - What you NEED to know!

Please click here to download our access control and maintenance leaflet in pdf format.


Surveillance & Recording

Close Circuit Television (CCTV) is the most effective option in helping protect against theft & vandalism. It allows you to monitor your complete site, including the most vulnerable areas, safely and with the minimum of staff. The Audio facility allows you to listen and speak to the site. CCTV is a great tool to increase staff safety, reduce fear and provides additional opportunities for staff monitoring & training.

Remote Monitoring

The installation of Close Circuit Television Cameras can also be linked via the internet to your computer allowing you to observe your property FROM ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD as well as being linked to a monitoring station to provide 24 hour guarding if required. Internet access allows you to monitor activity when you are away from the site, you can view live or recorded video and have full control of dome cameras over internet.

VNPR - Vehicle Number Plate Recognition Cameras linked to barriers

VNPR (Vehicle Number Plate Recognition) is a proven, reliable, automated number plate recognition and capture system. By linking cameras to your automatic barrier system, you can monitor and control access to your site 24 hours a day, 7 Days a week without the need for additional staff.

Wireless Networks (WiFi)

We can install a FULLY CONTROLLABLE SECURITY SYSTEM from cameras to barriers to individual intruder alarms for your customers.

Your system is attached to your network and can reach to remote and difficult areas of your site as well as reaching places prone to vulnerabilities. You can then monitor and manage these units from any location that has an Internet connection via a secure password and login.

These units can be connected to your existing CCTV system and recorded on either a Digital recorder, PC or Time-lapse video recorder. All this can be achieved without digging up your site and without laying cables - it's almost too good to be true, thanks to WiFi.

In addition to providing a wireless network for CCTV, Access Control & Intruder Alarm Monitoring, WIFI offers numerous benefits including:

  • A service to make phone calls on; VOIP - Voice Over Internet Protocol.
  • Fast and easy installation with minimal disruption to your property. No digging or unsightly wires on buildings.
  • For Park Owners, High Speed Internet access can be an additional, highly regarded service to retain and attract customers to your site as well as an additional revenue stream.

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Service and Maintenance

It is recommended that all systems installed by Howsons Ltd are serviced annually to ensure maximum efficiency and output and we offer competitively priced contracts.

Case Studies

Howsons Ltd is currently a member of the British Holiday Homes & Parks Association and references can be found on our CASE STUDIES PAGE.

Our knowledge and products have satisfied the security needs of Park Owners and their customers over the years. View our sister site for details.

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